Meet Our Team


Owner - Lead Detailer

Dillon Hergott has been in the car wash and detailing industry since the age of 17. He started as a crewmember at a local car wash and was able to work his way up to manager by the age of 18. Dillon has always had a passion for business, and once he learned about mobile auto detailing he knew this would be the business for him. He then began studying business and auto detailing religiously, and in September 2010, Certified Mobile Auto Detailing was born.

Dillon has attended countless automotive detailing seminars to grow his knowledge in the field. Just months after beginning his business he was contracted by a leading Auto Detailing Institute to be an instructor for their seminars. As an instructor, he was able to train aspiring detailers and business owners from all over the world on how to run a successful detailing business. Each of our detailers receives ongoing training from Dillon himself. So you can be assured that any one of our technicians detailing your vehicle is a highly trained professional who will provide the quality service you and your vehicle deserve.