Exterior & Interior Detailing Packages

Listed below are three detail packages that we have put together based on popular exterior and interior service combinations. If you don’t see an exterior & interior package that fits the condition of your vehicle, you have the option to combine any exterior & and interior packages you like. Remember you save $50 on each additional packager per visit.

Exterior Add-On Services

Engine Detail

After taking all the necessary precautions not to damage electronic components and sensors, we will thoroughly clean everything under the hood of your vehicle. This service is a must-have if you’re looking to sell your vehicle when your engine looks like new, potential buyers will know this car was well maintained. You can add this service to any package that includes exterior cleaning for $24.99

Undercarriage Rinse

This service will remove corrosive salt and road grime that builds up beneath your vehicle over time, especially after a snow storm, & trips to the beach. You can add this service to any package that includes exterior cleaning for $9.99

Six-Month Windshield Treatment

Windshield treatment drastically increases visibility when driving in the rain & at night, by reducing glair and repelling raindrops. This service will also cut down on time and effort when removing ice and bugs. Add 6-Month Windshield Treatment to any package that includes exterior cleaning for $14.99

Spot Paint Correction

Remove light to moderate scratches around your door handles and up to 5 additional small areas on the vehicles paint. If you cant feel a scratch with your fingernail the scratch can be removed or significantly reduced. Add this service to our Wash & Wax or The Standard Detail for $24.99

Exterior Dressing

Applying Exterior Dressing to your vehicles plastic trim will protect it from fading for months at a time. Existing fading will also be temporarily reversed with this service. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Two-Year Headlight Restoration

We will sand and polish your headlights back to new and help keep them looking new and shining bright for up to two years. You can add this service to any package for $94.99

Overspray Removal

Has your vehicle fallen victim to overspray from newly painted bridges, buildings, ships or pavement? Our Overspray Removal service will safely remove most, if not all over-spray from your vehicle. For best results, we recommended this service in addition to our Wash & Wax Package. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Interior Add-On Services

Trunk Cleaning

We offer trunk vacuum and shampooing options to remove loose debris and spills. Remove all personal items from the trunk in preparation for this service. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Pet Hair Removal

Do you have stubborn pet hairs embedded in the carpet & seats of your vehicle? No problem! You can add Pet Hair Removal to any one of our packages that include interior cleaning. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Leather Conditioning

Hydrate & protect your leather from fading, & cracking with our Leather Conditioning add-on, $4.99 per row of seats.

Interior Dressing

For our customers who prefer a shiny look on their interior plastic trim. Our Interior Conditioning not only shines plastic and vinyl but also protects against harsh UV rays. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Floor Mat Shampoo

Have the ground in dirt and stains lifted from your floor mats, without paying for an extensive detail that includes carpet shampooing? $4.99 per carpeted mat. Rubber mats are free with every interior detail package.

Fabric Protection

Guard your vehicles carpet & cloth upholstery against spills with our long lasting, colorless, odorless Fabric Protection. Highly recommended for brand new vehicles. Call or schedule online for pricing.

Headliner Cleaning

Available in different levels for if you only need the sun visors you touch every day cleaned, or if your kids had a food fight in the back seat. Cigarette smoke residue cleaning may result in headliner sagging for which we cant be held accountable. Call or schedule online for pricing.

O-Zone Odor Removal

O-Zone is one of the most powerful odor-eliminating molecules known to man. Our O-Zone Odor Removal kills mold, mildew, & other odor-causing bacteria. We can remove odors caused by smoking, vomit, urine, feces, spoiled milk, rotten meat, mold, mildew, pet odors & more. This service also includes cabin air filter replacement. To guarantee best results, we recommended O-Zone Odor Removal as an addition to our Full Interior Detail package. $124.99